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Test your startup name ideas with real people.

If your project name fits everyone, it's probably bland. Don't spend hours brainstorming, rather test and measure.

To go beyond asking your neighbor or your mom, we gather actual reviews from 50 people.

1) Right now, get started by entering the name(s) you want to test and your goals for the project.

2) Within minutes, we start testing with 50 real people for:
👂🏽 hearability
🧠 memorability
🔗 positive associations

3) In 72 hours, receive an analysis 📊 and a benchmark.

4) In 4 days, you recommend us or get your money back.


Test one name for $59, two for $109 and three for $159.


Test one name


Test two names


Test three names

All major credit cards accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the analysis?

We ask a lot from our respondents. We ask them to hear the name, to spell it from the tape, to read it and, a bit later, to remember it.

We also ask them what they think about when they read the name.

Can you test more than three names?

We realized our respondents have a harder time to compare more than three names at once. If you have more than three names, you can fill our questionnaire several times in a row.

How did you get the idea?

This article from 2013, from Customer Development Labs.

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